Sedation Dentistry

Feeling apprehension can lead to avoiding dental care or prevent life changing new smiles. That’s why we provide every amenity to enhance your comfort, including sedation dentistry.

Dr Kriston is board certified in oral conscious sedation and has performed sedation for over 15 years. Oral conscious sedation is safe and reversible. We use sedation medication in a pill form, it’s that easy. You’ll be awake but very, very relaxed. You might feel as though you had a glass of wine or a cocktail, somewhat drowsy and very much at ease.

Beyond relaxing, sedation allows a lot of treatment to be done in just one visit. Sedation makes time seem to go by fast. Dental sedation lasts for as long as needed and wears off shortly after treatment. Many of our patients nap afterwards and wake up to a beautiful new smile!

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