Gum Reshaping or Gum Lift

An attractive smile has balance. The gum line ideally reveals teeth in the same way on both sides of your smile. When the gums cover teeth more on one side versus the other, for example, it undermines smile harmony. Reshaping the gum line can reveal more of the teeth, create balance and beautify your smile. Its quick and easy.

 Gum reshaping is not painful. We use local anesthetic and sculpt very small areas of gum tissue with a dental laser. Lasers are gentle to gum tissue and their high degree of sterile contact makes healing very fast. Contouring the gums is very precise with a laser.

 Gum reshaping can also uncover small teeth or short teeth. If teeth have not erupted fully into the mouth they can be covered with gums. Removing gums to expose the whole tooth can fix the problem by making teeth wider and longer. This procedure is called crown lengthening.

 The best-looking smiles show all teeth and very little gums. Gummy smiles, smiles that show a lot of gums, can be fixed with a gum lift. A gum lift moves the entire gum line to reduce gums showing in a smile while making teeth longer.  A gummy smile with small teeth or short teeth is perfect candidates for a gum lift. Worn teeth can also be given length with a gum lift.

 Dr Kriston uses gum reshaping to create the perfect smile in all his smile makeovers. Gum reshaping and a gum lift can transform your smile by revealing teeth and letting the beauty of balance and natural proportions shine through.

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