No Prep Veneers

No prep veneers and Lumineers are ultra-thin ceramic facings bonded to teeth, with little to no alteration to the teeth. Besides preparation, the main difference between no prep and traditional veneers is the ceramic used. No prep veneers and Lumineers are ultra thin and made of a ceramic that needs total support from tooth structure. A traditional veneer is made of stronger, more wear resistant ceramic, allowing for greater changes to be made to your smile, but requiring more preparation of the teeth.

The main advantage of no prep or Lumineers is preserving tooth structure while still making changes to the shape and color of your teeth. The natural appearance of either veneer type is phenomenal. The best application of no prep veneers involves teeth tipped inward, when an addition to the face of teeth creates a fuller looking smile that looks natural. You can widen small teeth for better tooth proportions or close gaps.

There are limitations to no-prep veneers. Blocking out dark colored teeth is less effective. Changing tooth position or aligning teeth is more limited. Extremely tipped or rotated teeth will require more preparation. Adding length to short or worn teeth may require traditional veneers to hold up to wear conditions.

No prep veneers are not completely reversible. If tooth enamel is reshaped, that will remain. No prep veneers are bonded to teeth, so enamel may be lost in the process of removal.

The bottom line is no prep veneers preserve tooth structure but some changes to your smile may be limited. Depending on your bite and wear conditions no prep veneers can last up to 20 years. Dr Kriston’s many years of experience can help you determine if no prep veneers is a good fit for creating your dream smile.

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