Tooth Gaps

Tooth gaps are famous in some celebrities, but a gap-free smile can be awesome! Dr. Kriston is a specialist at getting rid of gaps and creating a natural looking five-star smile.

What causes a gap in your teeth?

Tooth gaps exist for different reasons. Upper center teeth or small teeth have gaps that are inherited. Tongue thrusting or chewing on a pencil habits may force teeth apart. A missing tooth may cause teeth to drift apart. Gum disease causes receding gums and loose teeth to move. Teeth grinding pushes teeth outward and apart too.

Can teeth gaps get bigger?

The muscles of the lip and tongue determine how big gaps become. The best way to prevent bigger tooth gaps is to stop causes early. Habits, gum disease, missing teeth, and bruxism can all be treated.

Can gaps in teeth be fixed?

There are two ways to fix tooth gaps. Teeth can be moved together or made wider. Dr. Kriston looks at tooth size and proportions to make gap closure look natural.

Teeth can be moved together with orthodontic appliances, like Invisalign. It takes time and requires a lifetime night retainer be worn to keep teeth together. In some cases, gum surgery may be required to remove a muscle attachment, so teeth stay together.

Small to medium gaps can be made wider with tooth bonding or veneers. Large gaps can be solved with veneers by spreading the space among multiple teeth, so tooth proportions look natural. It can be an opportunity do a smile makeover. Fix worn teeth, align crooked teeth and have a whiter smile too! If gaps are stealing glamour from your smile, Dr. Kriston can make them disappear and create smile stardom for you!

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