Crooked Teeth

Teeth need space and without it, they tip, turn and twist just to fit in the mouth. Smile beauty comes from balance, when teeth on both of sides are mirror images of each other. Crowded teeth look mismatched. Beyond appearances, aligned teeth prevent many other problems.

Crooked teeth are difficult to clean. Teeth wedged together tightly collect more food and stain. Brushing and flossing are harder to do well, making a tooth cavity more likely. Rotated and protruding teeth lead to receding gums, which cause tooth sensitivity and gum infections.

When teeth don’t fit together ideally problems occur when biting and chewing. Teeth tipped at odd angles bang together and are vulnerable to chipping, cracking and breaking. An unbalanced bite leads to teeth grinding and sensitive teeth. A bad bite can also cause TMJ/TMD head and neck pains long term.

Finally, crooked teeth can get worse! Misaligned teeth are unstable and can move. Tooth gaps can form, and they are more likely to become loose from gum disease.

What causes teeth to be crooked?

Genetics influences tooth size, bone growth and airway development that create available space. Habits, like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, can cause abnormal bone growth that reduces space and pushes teeth out of alignment.

How can I straighten crooked teeth?

In young people, Dr. Kriston evaluates oral-facial development at an early age and uses dental appliances to widen the dental arch as bone develops. Dental appliances also resolve thumb sucking and tongue thrusting habits. Treating early while bone is still developing can prevent a major problem. Bone stops developing at puberty.

Can you fix crooked teeth?

In adults, crooked teeth can be fixed by teeth contouring to create space, and orthodontic treatment to align teeth. Dr Kriston has used Invisalign for many years to straighten teeth without dental braces. If a large amount of space is needed tooth crowns can adjust the width of some teeth to make room. The good news is crooked teeth can be fixed at any age, and you’ll have better digestion, less tooth repairs and a beautiful smile.

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