Worn Teeth

You may notice tooth enamel doesn’t grow back. Chipped, broken or worn teeth need repair.  Teeth start out uniquely shaped, different lengths. Grinding from stress and everyday wear make teeth short and all one length. Your smile’s vitality comes from the unique shape of your teeth.

Worn teeth also create face wrinkles. As you chew with shorter teeth the chin becomes closer to the nose and the skin creases. Missing teeth accelerate the collapse and loss of facial height.

When enamel is worn away completely, teeth become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Enamel insulates the core of the tooth. The TMJ can hurt too as teeth become worn.

Fortunately, teeth can be restored to their original length. Veneers, crowns and bridges, made of ultra-strong porcelain can bring back the natural beauty of enamel. Dr. Kriston examines the wear pattern of your bite and smile and restores teeth with a balance of beauty and function. In cases of extreme wear, he may suggest full mouth reconstruction to add length and strength to reclaim your smile’s beauty and youth.

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